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When should I work with an Interior Designer?


Interior Designers can provide valuable input throughout your design process.  Here are a few instances that suggest you may want to consult a professional:


-You want to create a beautiful space without doing all of the shopping and decision making.

-You like various styles but aren’t sure how to put them all together.

-Your current furniture or accessories require inspiration and cohesiveness.

-Your lifestyle needs have changed and you feel you need a little guidance.

Why should you work with an Interior Designer?


Interior Designers can work with you in many ways.  Our expertise in developing space plans, selecting appropriate fabrics, window coverings, and furniture sizes could help you avoid costly mistakes.  In addition, our designers work with a variety of knowledgeable experts that advise you through installations in all phases of your design project including wall treatments, flooring, reupholstery, cabinetry and other custom finishes.  Through years of experience and networking, we know what’s available and where to find it.

How do you charge?


We charge an hourly fee for our time and offer discounts on the sale of product.  During our initial consultation we will provide an estimate of the time we anticipate having involved in your project.  This allows our clients to factor design time into their budget and ensure that there are no surprises upon completion of the project.

How much will it cost to complete my space?


We have a huge library of resources that allow us to bring unique home furnishings to the Greater Lafayette Area.  We have established relationships with many vendors so that we can fit the budgets of our diverse clientele. 

Click here for more information on furniture budgeting.


How soon should I involve a designer in my project?


As designers we consider all factors.  It is important that your space is high functioning and aesthetically pleasing.  In order to ensure that you achieve this balance it is recommended to involve a designer before any decisions have been made.  We will create a plan that takes you through the process step-by-step and often we are able to make suggestions that you may not have thought to consider.

Help!  My builder is asking me so many questions!  How can a designer help with new construction?


A designer will create a plan for you so that all of these questions have been answered before your builder even asks!  You will receive a comprehensive design guide that has everything from space planning, and detailed drawings of built-ins to flooring and paint colors.  When all of these decisions are made in advance all you need to do is turn the information over to your builder and allow them to order materials.  This creates a streamlined process and eliminates major delays in construction. 


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